About Us

Every child deserves to wear luxury…
because with Alli.C every child is a star

Alli.C is a unique affordable luxury children’s wear brand dedicated to providing quality clothing and accessories for the chic trend setter who wants their little star to be as equally fierce.

With Alli.C every child is thought of as a celebrity with all products made with the most intricate detail, comfort and style.

Launched in 2011 and manufactured only in the US, Alli.C creates vibrant, stylish childrens wear and accessories with great fit and timeless trend.

You will feel comfortable in your choice to put your star in Alli.C because it was designed with your child in mind.

Your mind will be at ease knowing that your little star is wearing plush, hypoallergenic materials that are synonymous with the Alli.C brand.

Children Wear Alli.C Because Every Little Star Deserves Luxury!